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Auto Accident Lawyer – California

As we travel the roads and freeways in California each day, we usually trust that we will arrive at our destination without incident. Yet every day, careless drivers cause hundreds of accidents on California roads which lead to countless injuries and fatalities.

Fortunately, accident victims are able to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance in order to cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and other financial damages caused by the accident.

Maison Law was founded by Martin Gasparian to protect innocent drivers in the aftermath of these difficult situations. Mr. Gasparian worked for large, nationwide corporations for a decade and got a first-hand lesson in how insurance companies maneuver for their own benefit and never for the benefit of the accident victim who has suffered and sometimes continues to suffer. Mr. Gasparian then started his own law firm to give accident victims in California a voice and to make sure they are informed of their rights and given the power to demand what’s fair. These are things an insurance agent definitely won’t tell victims about. 

Need Of Auto Accident Lawyer In California

After you’ve been in a traffic accident on a California freeway, city street, or back road, it’s fair to ask if you need a personal injury lawyer? The answer depends on the consequences of your collision.

You may have been shaken up, but if your accident involved mainly property damage, getting fair treatment while your car damage is evaluated shouldn’t prove too difficult. Insurance companies have largely standardized the process to get cars repaired or replaced.

It’s an entirely different case when you or a loved one are seriously hurt in an accident. A personal injury lawyer can prove crucial in getting the compensation needed to pay for recovery. When another driver is at fault his or her insurance company should be responsible for every medical cost and lost paycheck you endure.

You should call a personal injury attorney when:

  • You have been badly injured in an accident.
  • Adjusters want to blame you for part of an accident when you weren’t at fault.
  • Your accident involves multiple parties or is complex.
  • Your accident was caused by a professional driver like a big rig truck drive or a rideshare driver.

It’s also important to seek the counsel of a skilled personal injury lawyer if you’ve been in an accident involving a government employee or a public transportation vehicle. Accidents involving city, state, or federal agencies can be especially complicated and often provide much tighter deadlines for victims to file an injury claim.

Can A Person File Car Accident Lawsuit On My Own?

Injured victims in California are legally allowed to file a lawsuit and represent themselves in court if they choose to do so. However, individuals may not file a lawsuit themselves if they are representing a corporation, filing a class-action lawsuit, or suing on behalf of a child.

It is not recommended that you file your lawsuit unless you have some knowledge of California state law and courtroom proceedings. You’ll have to know how to collect and present evidence that proves your case. You’ll have to know what to ask witnesses and how to submit their testimony.

Even if you are somewhat familiar with the legal system, it’s still a difficult challenge to represent yourself. A vast majority of lawsuits never reach a courtroom and end up settled outside of court. This can also leave people representing themselves at a disadvantage.

Skilled lawyers have a much better idea of how much medical and financial recovery costs. They’ll hold out until insurance adjusters make a fair offer for the victim that covers all expenses. When insurance companies know they aren’t dealing with a legal professional they commonly offer much less money in the hopes you won’t know it’s a low-ball offer. You can lose out on thousands of dollars by using your own judgment when assessing a settlement offer.

You must also be careful to meet certain deadlines insurance companies won’t warn you about. One such deadline is the two years from the time of your accident you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. Wait too long and your chance to earn the compensation you need is lost.

Even if you decide to move forward with your lawsuit on your own, you can still benefit from talking with a California lawyer. Personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation to anyone injured in a car accident and they can help you determine if your lawsuit will earn you considerably more than a standard insurance injury claim.

You may try to avoid using an attorney because you’re worried about being able to afford legal counsel. Keep in mind that reputable personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis and don’t get paid unless they win your case. Their fee would come out of the compensation they earn for you.

Common Injuries In Auto Accident

You’ll be fighting insurance companies for fair compensation for your accident. It’s an important step in your recovery because it doesn’t just affect your immediate health and economic stability.

You could have serious injuries that require surgery a year down the road and further physical therapy. You might have a disability that forces you to seek a new career. The costs of job training and medical equipment for travel and home life can add up. All of these costs should be factored into any settlement from an insurance company. They will be factored in if you have an attorney making sure every detail is included.

These settlements are vital for victims and their families because the injuries in car accidents can be so severe and affect everyone’s life down the road. Here are a few of the most common injuries seen by emergency room doctors every year:

  • Brain and head injuries: Severe concussions, skull fractures, brain bleeding, and scalp wounds can all result after taking an impact on the head. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can leave the brain bruised in a collision with the inside of the skull. The symptoms can be memory loss, light sensitivity, and seizures along with other complications.
  • Spine, neck, and back injuries: Whiplash (a violent tossing of the head back and forth) can leave victims unable to turn their heads. Spinal vertebrae can be fractured in the impact with an airbag or the tug of a seatbelt. Back and spine injures can leave victims facing a permanent disability.
  • Broken Bones: Fractures can occur in just about any part of the body. The clavicle is one of the most commonly broken bones in an impact. It’s the most fragile bone in the body and runs across the top of the ribcage. The fibula (lower leg) and femur (upper leg) are often broken when a car ends up partially crushed.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Muscles, tendons, and ligaments can all tear or bruise. This tissue connects and holds different organs and other body parts in place.

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