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Analysis of Ethereum of Last 5 Years  – Trading Gyani

Ethereum Analysis

Ethereum is founded by Vitalik Buterin in 2013 and other founders are Joseph Lubin, Charles Hoskinson, Gavin Wood, and Anthony Lorio. Ethereum has many founders but due to a lack of data, the remaining aren’t mentioned in this blog. Ethereum is founded when all founders are doing a non-profit project. Ethereum is run on the Block-Chain System. Ethereum is the second largest Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. The total Market Cap of Ethereum is 156.97 Billion Dollars and the Market Cap of Bitcoin is 367.19 Billion dollars. Currently, twelve crores twenty-three lakh(122,373,863) Ethereum are trading in the market and there is no Max limit for Ethereum like Bitcoin has for only 21 Million from which 19.1 Million are mined. On the current date, the whole Cryptocurrency is down, so Ethereum is also down by 71% from its highest. It is also at 3 Month low of 1300 dollars. Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, BNB, and Tether are the Cryptocurrency that has always had high liquidity and volume in the past 24h in Ethereum Total of 1114 Crore Dollar trade, Tether 4294 Crore Dollar trade, Bitcoin 3330 Crore Dollar Done, Etc. The analysis of Ethereum is done on the basis of data available from Trading View. The Data for the years 2013, 2014 & 2015 till august is not available on the Internet.

Analysis of Ethereum over the Last 5 Years


According to our data Ethereum starts from 2.83 Dollars in the very first month it falls 54% to 1.28 Dollars, after that in the second month it falls further and remains sideways for the next 3 months and the price is 0.88 which is down by 70% from the top. But the next three months proved the first milestone for Ethereum. In the 6th month, Ethereum grows by 150% from 0.93 to 2.31 dollars, in 7th month Ethereum again grow by 150% from 2.48 to 6.44 Dollars and in 8th month Ethereum grows by 77% from 6.33 to 11.43 dollars. In total it grows 1100% from 0.88 to 11.43 dollars which is a huge milestone and also proved a multi-bagger Cryptocurrency. In 9th-month the price falls and in the 10th month it grows and the remaining month goes sideways. So, in the last four months, the volatility is high but in the end, Ethereum is ends ups at 11.67 dollars.


As we see, Ethereum shows growth of 1100% in the year 2015-16. After that massive growth, Ethereum takes a pullback of 41% from 13.37 to 7.85 dollars. In the 1st month, it went sideways, in the 2nd month it shows a nominal growth of 10%. After growth, the pullback is necessary for long time growth and it happens also, in 3rd-month the price falls by 15%, in 4th month again price falls by 25%, and in 5th-month the consecutive time fall by 7%. But there is good news for Ethereum investors because the 5th-month candle is like a morning star which indicates a bullish trend. The morning star patterns prove right and the normal investors become millionaires and multi-millionaire. In the next 6th month it shows a historic growth of 4000% Or 40 Times. The 6th month and 7th show a total growth of 100%, the disaster moment seen in the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th months. In 8th-month the price skyrocketed and showed a growth of 200%, in the 9th month it shows a growth of 50%, in the 10th month it again shows a growth of 200% and in the 11th month it shows a growth of 26%. After 4 consecutive growth months, it takes a small pullback of 30%. So, at the end of this year, Ethereum showed growth of 1600% from 12.74 to 203.39 dollars.

Year 2016-17 Is The Best Year For The Ethereum


For an excellent investor, this year is also a multi-bagger but for a normal investor, it can sideway year because this year the price remains volatile the whole year but it ends up from where it started at 432 dollars. As we saw in the previous year the price takes to pull back so its reaction is seen this year. The first month shows a growth of 90% from 204 dollars to 387 dollars. 2nd and 3rd month goes sideways and slightly down by 20%, but the real growth and best growth of Ethereum is waiting. This year, people started knowing about Cryptocurrency from all over the world and started investing their wealth in Cryptocurrency. So in the 4th month it shows a growth of 45%, in the 5th month it is up by 70% and in the 6th month again it grows by 47%. As we have seen till now only growth but a crash is waiting. In the 7th month, it falls by 25% from 1110 dollars to 838 dollars, and the first crash of Ethereum which falls by 53% in the 8th month and almost covers all growth that is done this year. In the 9th month, it shows a nominal growth but the remaining three month shows a nominal fall and the year 2017-18 finally end up with total growth of 100% at the price of 278 dollars.


As Ethereum is too much volatile in the previous two years it results in a sideways year. For strong and consistent growth a pullback and sideways is necessary. The price of Ethereum again comes at a low level and this year it ends up with a fall of 20% from 223 dollars to 178 dollars.


Again this year is almost sideways which also shows the strong consolidation of Ethereum. Almost till the 11th month, the price consolidates in the zone but then also it shows a growth of 25% in the first 11 months of the year 2019-2020. 12th month formed a strong bullish candle that shows a sign of an uptrend or bullish trend. Last month shows a growth of 55% and in total this year shows a growth of 100% from 170 dollars to 345 dollars which means a double wealth. Read our other blog if you like our analysis of Ethereum.

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